What happens when I upload a new spreadsheet?


Multiple Guest List upload

Q: Are there any issues with uploading multiple guest list spreadsheets and is the website able to reconcile them? 

A: Yes, you can upload multiple spreadsheets an the guests would merge. The first point of 'merge' is the EMAIL of a guest. In weddings, many names can be similar or identical, but emails never are.

Since emails are unique to each guest (whereas names are not)--if the email is present on your guest list on the Appy Editor and you add a new guest on your spreadsheet with the same email, it will rewrite.

If you can, combine the two spreadsheets and then upload them as one. Please do use our template. You can find it on your Guest List tab on the Editor when you click IMPORT.

Grouping: Guests get grouped together by last name when a spreadsheet is uploaded and the checkbox to 'Group guest with the same last name' is selected.

Uploading a spreadsheet at anytime

Q: Will existing guest data get overwritten if I upload the same guest via spreadsheet at a later time?

A: If you do decide to re-import your spreadsheet at any time, any guests have you grouped together will remain grouped. Additionally, any guest that has been invited to a private event will stay invited- you will not need to re-do that... new guests will be updated (names and emails) with a new upload.

You could always also EXPORT your spreadsheet, update it with your new information and re-upload. (preferred and safe option. You always have a backup as well with this).


Adding guest after uploading the spreadsheet

Q: We are still finalizing names / e-mails for some of our friends/family but need to starting getting information out to the majority of the potential attendees. Are there any issues with adding guests after we create the initial spreadsheet and what is the best way to do so (i.e. upload another guest list spreadsheet that only reflect guests not previously included)?

A: You can add guests at anytime OR edit any guest on the fly. The information is instantly updated for any communications/access etc.

To add a guest manually to your guest list :

  • Log into your Appy Couple Editor and click guest list
  • Click on the icon to the left of the person's name
  • Enter guest information
  • Your guest information is immediately saved upon entering. This applies to info entered by guests.
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