New Feature Highlights



Both the iOS app and Android app have been built-up from the ground up to improve speed, navigation and an updated look for your sections and more admin controls—including direct access to edit all your content on-the-go. You would need to update your app to version 3.0 from the App Store and Google Play. Support for the older apps will no longer be offered.

Note: To continue receiving push notifications, you would need to update your existing app and make sure you allow the new version Permission to send you notifications.



Mobile and Tablet Access: You will be able to access the Editor on your phone, tablet, desktop, etc. Our mobile site is fully loaded with all the bells and whistles from the regular website so you can make changes on the fly, wherever you go!

Sections: You can rearrange and rename all sections (including RSVP).

RSVPS: Include widgets for ACCEPT, DECLINE or MAYBE or none at all. Plus, a cleaner interface for guests to enter or RSVP for themselves, their plus ones and groups.

Layout: We’ve made images larger and updated layouts to make content more legible. Switch between multi-page or single-page at any time for the preferred guest view and user experience of your website.

Inline editing: The Editor will include direct inline editing on your wedding website, so you can see changes as they happen. Your app will automatically update. 

Font Switching: You will be able to change your primary font on the website and app.

Text Formatting: You will be able to format text in content and widgets.

Designs: We have added A LOT MORE DESIGNS to choose from. Switch your design as often as you like to find the right fit. We’ll soon be following up with some new and drool worthy design partnerships as well

Guest List: We've included easier to use online spreadsheets with increased support for groups and plus one's. Tags have been temporarily disabled in order to finish integration into email system where they can help streamline communication with guests.

Privacy Controls: We’ve streamlined privacy to two simple-to-manage options: Wedding Code (password access) and / or Guest List Match, where users enter their name and email. You can use either option, both or none; however, the wedding code will always be required for your app.

Co-Admin: You can now ‘officially’ invite your partner or co-admin to administer your account with you. See here for how to do this.

Emails: We will be introducing updated and mobile friendly versions of the templates with inline editing. Your sent and received stats will not carry-over, so you can re-use all the emails again. If you would like stats for new campaigns, you can go here:

NOTE: Emails will be unavailable immediately after the new release while we integrate the new designs into the system. We greatly appreciate your patience and can address any questions through the helpdesk.


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