Paused or Discontinued Features


Tags: Temporarily disabled but once reintroduced, will integrate seamlessly with the email system for more efficient grouping and communication. 

Facebook Import for Key People: We will no longer be able to connect to Facebook for accessing your friends list as per their updated user privacy settings. You will be able to import any photos you have uploaded to your Facebook account (or Instagram, Google Photos, Dropbox) into any Appy section. 

Gmail Import for Guest List: We will no longer be able to connect to your Google email contacts for adding members to your guest list. However, using the app you can pull in contacts from your phone book.

Widgets: While there will be widgets with more flexibility, some widgets will be temporarily disabled. These are all widgets with external dependencies (where we don't write the source code -- e.g. weather or music playlists from iTunes). These widgets will be up shortly in new and improved formats with greater flexibility. We did not want to hold this update dues to this integration, as there was much more for you to take advantage off than weather updates. 

Reminder Emails: If you have enabled reminder emails to automatically be sent to your guests as a reminder to RSVP, those emails will now have to be sent manually.

Languages: Language versions will be temporarily disabled. However, you will have increased support to edit the length of sections and names to type your own language titles in and make Appy yours in any language you desire.

Slider Puzzle: This fun feature will make its way back into the app once we are done perfecting other priority features.

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