What are Sections and how do I use them?


Appy Sections are a way to help you organize your website content. The Sections you enable will appear in the menu across the top of your website, and the menu accessed from the bottom bar in your app. They will help you and your guests navigate these experiences.

We have created Sections as templates, and while they are designed especially for the information we anticipate you will want to display, they are also quite flexible.

Here's everything you can do with Section templates:

  • Rename
  • Reorder
  • Enable or disable. Disabling a Section means it will not appear in the menu.
  • Integrate Widgets. Widgets are like sections within a Section. You will see a menu of Widgets appear when you choose to edit a Section.

- To edit the section, go to the "Edit Content" tab on the left side of your Desktop Dashboard (under Editor) or to "Sections" in your App Dashboard

NOTE: Section templates cannot be completely overridden. For example, renaming the RSVP section to "Transportation" will work but the structure of the Section will still contain functionality to Accept or Decline and event.

To add custom content, we recommend working with the Travel and Hotels Sections and the Widgets within them. 

List of Section templates:

  • Cover Page: This is the landing page for your website, add photos/video/short text for guests to view before they see your website (not available on the app).
  • Welcome: This is another option for a landing page for your website and, once logged in, for your app. Add an image and 1-2 brief lines to greet your guests.
  • Stories: Add snapshots and anecdotes from your journey together as a couple.
  • Events: List and describe the activities included in your wedding itinerary from bachelorette party to farewell breakfast.
  • RSVP: You can enable RSVP for all Events, some or none. This is where your guests will select Accept, Decline or Maybe for each event you have invited them to.
  • Key People: Showcase your bridal party, important family members or anyone else in your entourage.
  • Travel: Outline important details regarding flights and transportation, directions to your venue, local attractions and whatever else you find relevant. Pull in Appy Widgets for Expedia, Car Rentals, and Salon Services to pass along discounts to your guests.
  • Hotels: Include a guest room block or short list of nearby hotels. Pull in the Hotel Room Bookings Widget for exclusive deals on top rated properties.
  • Registry: Connect guests to any registries you've created online.
  • Guestbook: Encourage guests to leave you special notes leading up to and after your wedding.
  • Gallery: Create a collage of photos from past and present and if you grant access, guests can add their own as well.
  • Countdown: See how much time is left until the big day.
  • Toasts: This Section will only show on the app. It lets guests send you virtual champagne toasts
  • Our App: This Section will only show on the website. It sends guest to the App Store or Google Play to download your app.
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