How will the 3.0 update affect my account?


Listed below are some cosmetic changes you will notice right away, but be assured nothing about your account will change! All of your information will be retained and automatically moved over into the updated system.

Mobile Apps

  • New version: Please see here for how to access the latest app
  • Navigation: Now comes in from the bottom instead of the left side
  • Theme: Your existing theme may have small design changes to match modernized mobile layouts
  • iOS Users: Be sure to check out the enriched functionality of the Guest List and RSVP Managers from the app

Web Design

  • Larger Images: The photos you've chosen will be zoomed in and take up more space for a more personalized look
  • Key People: Larger, circular images instead of tabs to showcase your loved ones
  • Widgets: Seamless layout integration instead of separate boxes

What we're really excited about is not only the new things you will SEE, but all the great things you can DO!

New Feature Highlights

  • Rebuilt Apps: Improved speed, navigation and more admin controls—including direct access to edit all your content on-the-go
  • Mobile / Tablet Access: Fully loaded new mobile site with all the bells and whistles from the regular website so you can make changes on the fly
  • RSVPS: Include widgets for ACCEPT, DECLINE or none at all. Plus, a cleaner interface for guests to RSVP for themselves, their plus ones and groups
  • Guest List: Easier to use online spreadsheets with increased support for groups and order of members within groups

  • Privacy Controls: We’ve streamlined privacy to Wedding Code and / or Guest List Match

  • Emails: We will be introducing updated and mobile friendly versions of the templates with inline editing
  • Inline editing: See copy changes as they happen including text formatting
  • Sections: You can rearrange and rename all sections (including RSVP)
  • Co-Admin: Officially invite someone to administer your account with you
  • Layout: Multi-page or single-page layouts available for desktop. 

Paused or Discontinued Features

  • Tags: Temporarily disabled but once reintroduced, will integrate seamlessly with the email system for more efficient grouping and communication.
  • Facebook Import of Key People: No longer be able to connect to Facebook for accessing your friends list but you will be able to import any photos from social media.
  • Some Widgets: Those widgets with external dependencies (where we don't write the source code, e.g. weather or music playlists from iTunes) will be up some time after the update.
  • Chat: Only available on the app in version 3.1 to follow shortly as an update to the new app. This will include the ability to send video messages for your Save The Dates (iOS only) and upgraded Private, Group and Broadcast messages.

NOTE: If you would like a copy of your chat messages, please email and we can provide a download of that. This will be available until May 1, 2017.

  • Languages: Language versions will be temporarily disabled.
  • Slider Puzzle: This only in-app feature will be temporarily disabled.





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