How do I view RSVP widget responses?



To view RSVP choices by guest:

  • Go to your Guest List in your Dashboard
  • Click the RSVP icon next to a guest's name. This will open their RSVP page
  • Click the comment bubble on the RSVP Manager page
  • You can adjust your guest's response here as well



To view all of your RSVP poll responses at once: 

  • Go to the RSVP tab
  • Click on the event you wish to view responses for 
  • You will see all of your guest's RSVP responses for that event in a table below, including all of the RSVP questions you have asked.
  • You can then export this list with all details captured by clicking the cloud icon with downward arrow





To view RSVP choices by guest:

  • Go to your RSVPs in your Dashboard
  • Click on a number next to an event to open the circle view
  • Click on the green check for 'accepted,' red X for 'declined,' or orange question mark for 'maybe'. This will open a list of all guests with that response for the particular event.
    • Most of your custom RSVP widgets will be viewed among guests that have accepted
  • Click on the persons name and their response. This will reveal all RSVP information provided by the guest.



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