How do I see a guest's RSVP for all events?


You can see a guests RSVPs to all the events to which they have been invited, as well as any additional RSVP information you have requested, like meal choice, child care, etc.

 To view RSVP through Editor:

  • Go to your Guest List in your Dashboard
  • Click the RSVP icon all the way to the right of a guest's name. This will open their RSVP page


  • From here you can see all the events to which s/he was invited as well as their RSVP for each
  • You can see additional RSVP information by clicking on the comment bubble
  • From here you can manually change any of their RSVP information



To see RSVPs from your app: 

  • Sign into your app with your admin email address and your wedding code
  • Tap the main menu icon on the bottom of your screen
  • Then tap the speedometer icon to access your Dashboard
  • Next click on "RSVP" which will you show you the tally of acceptances, declines, maybes and no responses for each event for which the RSVP function has been enabled
  • Click on one of the numbers next to an event name; this will bring up a check, an X and a question mark, plus a line for "Guests"


  • When you click into "Guests" you will see the full list of invitees
    • Clicking on the check will yield a list of all who have accepted
    • Clicking on the X will yield a list of all who have decline
  • Tap on the guest's name to see that guest's RSVP detail. You can manually edit the response there
    • You can also RSVP for the group if your guest is in a group


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