Hotels Widgets


Choose from many different types of widgets to add into your hotel section. Widgets are perfect for telling guests specific information, especially if you're having a destination wedding.

Choose to add any or all of the following widgets available in the hotels section. 


  • Single Image: Highlight a specific element of your event
  • Photo Grid: Show off your location or venue
  • Hotel Room Bookings: Guests can search leading nearby hotels and get an exclusive Appy discount
  • Flights: Share anything that guests need to know about flights, including details on airports, discounts, or preferred airlines
  • Accommodations: Share details about hotel options
  • Directions & Map: Don't get lost! Share specific directions or add a Google Maps link to create a tappable/clickable thumbnail that will open the map in a new browser window
  • Group Travel Info: Lots of out-of-towners? Share details about an airport shuttle or other plans
  • Salon Services: Pull in a 10% discount on appointments with the best hair stylists, makeup artists and more in the area
  • Parking Info: Share parking details for each event
  • Transportation: Made a deal with a car rental company? Have information on public transit in the city? Share it here!
  • Things to Do: Provide your guests with a list of local must-dos, and add photos or links for more details
  • Pinterest: Showcase your pinning power!
  • Get great deals on car rentals!
  • Video: Share a link to your favorite song or a home video- the possibilities are endless! You can also copy and paste a video link in any widget containing a blank text box
  • Uber: Link directly to Uber so new users can sign up and get $15 off
  • Quick Poll: Hear from the peanut gallery. Ask anything you want, and the responses will tally up as percentages
    • In the first text box, write the question you would like your guests to answer
    • Click "add an answer."
    • Write in all of the answers you would like to add
    • NOTE: In order to view or respond to a poll you must be logged in to the wedding website
  • Dining: Wine and dine your guests! Give them access to your top lists for food & drink. 
  • Child Care: Don't forget the little ones! Share information about childcare options
  • Local Services: Make your guests feel like locals; share the information of local tailors, dry cleaners, shoe repairs, or salons.
  • Nightlife: Give recommendations on bars, comedy clubs, dance halls, etc.
  • Emergency Info: Make sure guests know who to call in an emergency. Share local police, fire, and medical contacts.
  • Notes: It's a blank canvas! Write any additional notes here
  • Travel Notes: By land, by air, by sea? Write anything that guests need to know about travel
  • Expedia: Link directly to Expedia to facilitate travel searches
  • Schedule and/or Itinerary: Outline major activities throughout the wedding weekend
  • Menu: Whet everyone's appetite with a dining preview
  • FAQs: Getting a lot of the same questions? Beat them to the punch!
  • Custom: Make it completely your own!
  • PAUSED - Weather: Let your guests know what the weather will be, so they come prepared (When setting up your weather widget, we recommend adding the city name, rather than the zip code of the location of your choice)
    • The weather widget automatically converts to the degree standard of the location you choose. For example, in the United States, the weather widget will be displayed in Fahrenheit.
    • At this time it is not possible to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. If you would like to display the weather in a different way, we recommend using a "notes" widget as a play to copy and paste a link. 

To change the title of the widgets: 

  • In Edit mode, click the pink pencil icon at the top of the widget
  • Add a title to your widget. This will reflect on your Editor, wedding website, and app.
  • Click Save




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