Hotels Widgets


Choose from many different types of widgets to add into your hotel section. Widgets are perfect for telling guests specific information, especially if you're having a destination wedding.

Choose to add any or all of the following widgets available in the hotels section. 


  • Single Image: Highlight a specific element of your event
  • Photo Grid: Show off your location or venue
  • Hotel Room Bookings: Guests can search leading nearby hotels and get an exclusive Appy discount
  • Flights: Share anything that guests need to know about flights, including details on airports, discounts, or preferred airlines
  • Accommodations: Share details about hotel options
  • Directions & Map: Don't get lost! Share specific directions or add a Google Maps link to create a tappable/clickable thumbnail that will open the map in a new browser window
  • Group Travel Info: Lots of out-of-towners? Share details about an airport shuttle or other plans
  • Salon Services: Pull in a 10% discount on appointments with the best hair stylists, makeup artists and more in the area
  • Parking Info: Share parking details for each event
  • Transportation: Made a deal with a car rental company? Have information on public transit in the city? Share it here!
  • Things to Do: Provide your guests with a list of local must-dos, and add photos or links for more details
  • Pinterest: Showcase your pinning power!
  • Get great deals on car rentals!
  • Video: Share a link to your favorite song or a home video- the possibilities are endless! You can also copy and paste a video link in any widget containing a blank text box
  • Uber: Link directly to Uber so new users can sign up and get $15 off
  • Dining: Wine and dine your guests! Give them access to your top lists for food & drink. 
  • Child Care: Don't forget the little ones! Share information about childcare options
  • Local Services: Make your guests feel like locals; share the information of local tailors, dry cleaners, shoe repairs, or salons.
  • Nightlife: Give recommendations on bars, comedy clubs, dance halls, etc.
  • Emergency Info: Make sure guests know who to call in an emergency. Share local police, fire, and medical contacts.
  • Notes: It's a blank canvas! Write any additional notes here
  • Travel Notes: By land, by air, by sea? Write anything that guests need to know about travel
  • Expedia: Link directly to Expedia to facilitate travel searches
  • Schedule and/or Itinerary: Outline major activities throughout the wedding weekend
  • Menu: Whet everyone's appetite with a dining preview
  • FAQs: Getting a lot of the same questions? Beat them to the punch!
  • Custom: Make it completely your own! 

To change the title of the widgets: 

  • In Edit mode, click the pink pencil icon at the top of the widget
  • Add a title to your widget. This will reflect on your Editor, wedding website, and app.
  • Click Save




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