How do I view RSVPs by event?


To view event RSVPs through Editor: 

  • Go to the RSVP tab
  • Click on the event you wish to view responses for 
  • You will see all of your guest's RSVP responses for that event in a table below, including all of the RSVP questions you have asked.
  • You can then export this list with all details captured by clicking the cloud icon to the right




To view event RSVPs on the app: 

  • Sign into your app with your admin email address and your wedding code
  • Tap the main menu icon on the bottom of your screen
  • Then tap the speedometer icon to access your Dashboard
  • Next click on "RSVP" which will you show you the tally of acceptances, declines, maybes and no responses for each event for which the RSVP function has been enabled
  • Click on one of the numbers next to an event name; this will bring up a check, an X and a question mark, plus a line for "Guests"



  • When you click into "Guests" you will see the full list of invitees
    • Clicking on the check will yield a list of all who have accepted
    • Clicking on the X will yield a list of all who have decline
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