Setting Up Your Cover Page


What is the cover page? 

A Modern full-screen cover page to feature your Save The Date video, Wedding video (once the festivities are done), a slideshow for a dynamic effect or just a simple message with your gorgeous design.

The cover page is a WEB ONLY feature that appears before any other section on your site.

How does it work?

If enabled, when your guests go to your site they will immediately see your cover page, then they can click on the Enter arrow and proceed to the site (arrow only shows if you have sections enabled).

Note: if the Access Code feature is enabled, your guests will be prompted to enter it before the cover page is displayed.


It can be used for:

  • a Coming Soon page
  • a Save The Date page
  • a welcome option instead/in addition to the Welcome section
  • when you have a video you want to feature (pre or post wedding) 
  • a Thank you page

What can I upload to the cover page?

What are the design options of the cover page?

  • you can set the text color
  • you can set the background text (from none to one of the theme colors)
  • you can add shortcut buttons to RSVP and COLLECT GUEST ADDRESSES
  • the background box in white can be shown or hidden and change the color

Important notes:

- Color options are limited to the design theme chosen.

- The position of the cover page cannot be changed, it's ALWAYS first. However, you can disable it in the Edit Content pane on your dashboard.




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