Plus Ones & Guest Groups



Allotting +1s

There are two ways to give guests +1s:

1. To give every guest the option of bringing a plus one:

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Select "Access and Permissions"
  • Click the + sign to automatically add a +1 or +2 etc. to any newly added guests.


2. To give specific guests a +1:

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Select "Guest List"
  • Click the + sign to give the selected guests +1, +2 or more
  • You can also update this one guest at a time if you would like to give guests different numbers of +1s



Guest Groups

To group family members: 
  • Select two or more people from your guest list
  • Click the “Group” icon next to anyone's name
  • Once everyone's name has been selected, click "Update Group"


 To Ungroup guests: 

  • Click the "Group" icon next to anyone's name
  • Click the "Ungroup Guests" button
  • If you only want to remove one person, simply click the X by the person you want to remove and then click "Update Group" 

How Group RSVPs Work for guests via your app or website:

  • Guest signs in with email address or a name match (depending on your privacy settings).
  • They access RSVP
  • If a group has been given the +1 option, any group member can add the plus one's name (great when you group a couple together and add +2 for kids names you don’t know)
  • Any member of the group can RSVP for the group. The signed in user will be prompted to RSVP for each group member, including any RSVP questions and widgets you may have set up. Events for each group member can be unique if you have private events setup. Each group member can see the individual events for each person within the group.


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