Plus Ones & Guest Groups


Allotting +1s

There are two ways to give guests +1s: you can give every guest the option of a +1 or you can give out +1s to specific guests. 

To give every guest the option of bringing a plus 1:

  • Click the settings icon (gear) in the top right corner
  • Go to Guests and Privacy
  • Under the section for "Plus Ones Default for Newly Added Guests," click the + icon to automatically add a +1 or +2 etc to any newly added guests.

To give specific guests a +1:

  • Go to your Guest List
  • Check the checkbox for all of the guests that you would like to give a +1
  • Under the section for "Invite with Guest" (located under the Events & RSVP Tab) click the + sign to give the selected guests +1, +2 or more
  • You can also update this one guest at a time if you would like to give guests different numbers of +1s

Guest Groups

How Group RSVPs Work for guests via your app or website:

  • Guest will sign in with their email address or a name match (depending on your privacy settings).
  • Access RSVP
  • If the head of the group was given a Plus one, any group member can add the plus one's name (great when you group a couple together and add +2 for kids names you don’t know)
  • Guest will be prompted to RSVP for each group member, including any RSVP questions and widgets you may have set up.
  • Emails need to match with the email address assigned to them on your Appy guest list
To group family members: 
  • Select two or more people from your guest list
  • Click “Create Group”
  • Tip: There will be a default head of group, but you can easily change this by selecting another member in the group and designating them as the head. 
  • Note: Members of a group cannot be given the option for a +1

To select a new head of group:

  • Enter the guest list section of your editor
  • Select the guest who is a member of a group
  • Note: Only a single guest can be selected in order to designate a new Head of Group.
  • Click ‘Make Head of Group’

 To Ungroup guests: 

  • Select all of the guests in the group (check all of the white boxes next to the guests' names)
  • Click "ungroup" (it will appear on the right side of the page) 


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