Spreadsheets and Contacts


You can build your Guest List several ways:

  1. Upload a spreadsheet of your guests
  2. Enter guests manually
  3. Give out your wedding code and emails and names will automatically be added to your Guest List as guests sign into or request access to your app 

To Upload a Spreadsheet:

To upload a spreadsheet to your guest list, click the up arrow cloud icon that says "Upload your Guest list". Make sure that your spreadsheet matches the template that you can download on that same page. To download our template from the editor, please click on "download the Appy Couple CSV Template ile" shown in the screenshot.

Here are important points to remember when uploading the spreadsheet:

  • Make sure the spreadsheet is saved as a .csv file.
  • Grouped guests (Couples/Families) need to be listed individually on the spreadsheet, then grouped after upload
  • Check that email addresses are listed once per guest. If you add the same email address to multiple guests, the uploader won't work and will give you an error.
  • Don't add Admin or Co-Admin email addresses to your list because they don't count as guests and won't show in the RSVP count
  • NOTE: Please make sure you do not alter the headings on the spreadsheet or format the text. For example, do not change "First Name" (Column A) to any other name such as "First." Even a change this small will affect the uploading of your spreadsheet All you need to do is add in your guests information and you will be ready to upload your guest list! 

To Download a Spreadsheet:

You can also export your entire guest list on that page by clicking the "Download"down arrow cloud icon. To export individual RSVP views, go to the RSVP section, select your view, and click the "Download" cloud icon on the right hand side of each event.

To add a guest manually: 

-Log into your Appy Couple Editor
-Click on Guest List: http://www.appycouple.com/mywedding/guests
-Click on the gray icon of the person in the right corner of the left side of the guest list
-Enter guest information on the right page

NOTE: Appy Couple does not use any guest information uploaded to your guest list.

-Guest information is immediately saved upon entering


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