Event FAQs


How do I make sure event times show in the timezone of the destination?

Make it simple for out of town guests and for cases where you may have a destination wedding. We recommend setting your event timezone, so no matter which guest in which country is viewing your events they see it in the local time at the destination.

To change or add your event timezone, simply:

  • Go to Events
  • Select EDIT under the date and time
  • Choose your time zone from the dropdown
  • Be sure to click SAVE

Can I add a YouTube link to my Event?

Yes! Choose the “video” widget and copy and paste in the link. OR, copy and paste the link to a widget containing a blank text box, such as the “notes” widget.

How do I add a Map to my Event?

While you cannot add a map directly to that section, you can add a Google Maps link through a “Notes” or “Directions” widget.This will create a tappable/clickable thumbnail that will open the map in a new browser window.

How do I add a poll to my Event?

To add a poll to your event:

  • Log onto your Appy Couple account and clicking the "event" section: http://www.appycouple.com/mywedding/events
  • Click on the event you wish to add a poll to
  • Click the +Customize tab
  • On the right side where the widgets are listed, scroll until you find the "poll" widget. Click on the widget
  • When the widget appears, click on the configure icon (gear)
  • In the first text box, write the question you would like your guests to answer
  • Click "add an answer."
  • Write in all of the answers you would like to add
  • NOTE: In order to view or respond to a poll you must be logged in to the wedding website

How can I add Menu Options to my Event?

If you would like to add menu options to your events, you can do that through a special Menu Options Widget. To add the Menu Options Widget to your RSVP:

  • Go to your Events sections on your account on appycouple.com
  • Click the RSVP Details tab
  • Add the Menu Options widget (located on the right side of the page)
  • Click the "configure" icon to customize and enter your selections
  • Your guests will see these options when they RSVP on the app and/or wedding website.
  • All menu choices must be choices, at this time, guests cannot answer open ended questions on the Menu Options widget.

Does my event need a time and date listed?
If you have not decided on a wedding date, you do not need to list a date and time. You can list the date and time as TBD. To remove the date and time of your event:

  • Go to the Events tab
  • Click on the event you wish to change
  • Click on "edit" under 'date and time'
  • Uncheck the box labeled "show date and time with this event"
  • Click Save

How do I change the name of my event?

  • Go to the events tab
  • Click on the event you wish to change the name of
  • Click on the red arrow just below the circle with the current name
  • Type in the new event name.
  • You can change the name of any of your events at any time

How do I change the order of my events?

  • Log into your editor and visit the events page
  • Bring your mouse to the event that you wish to appear first
  • Hold your mouse down on the event and drag your event to the first event slot. 

Why won't my widgets save?

  • Depending on which browser you are using, this can affect how widgets save on your Editor. If you are using Internet Explorer 9, we recommend switching browsers to Chrome or Firefox. 

How do I change the weather degree from Celsius to Fahrenheit? 

  • The weather widget automatically converts to the degree standard of the location you choose. For example, in the United States, the weather widget will be displayed in fahrenheit.
  • At this time it is not possible to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. If you would like to display the weather in a different way, we recommend using a "notes" widget as a play to copy and paste a weather.com link. 
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