Event Privacy: Public and Private events


You have control over which events are visible to everyone, and which ones can only be seen by select people.

Public Event: This means everyone's invited and can see the event

  • To make an event public set the Event Privacy toggle to Public (green toggle switch) under the event

Private Event: This means only selected guests can see the event.

  • To make an event private and viewable only by select guests, choose the guests invited from your Guest List by selecting the checkbox for the event
  • Make sure the event is set to Private (red toggle switch)

To change your Event Privacy Options

  • Open settings by clicking the settings (gear) icon in the top right corner
  • Click on the tab labeled “Event Privacy & RSVP”
  • For each event, choose whether you would like the event to be public (toggle to green) or private (toggle to red)


How to invite guests to Private Events:

  • Log into your Appy Couple Editor and visit your guest list
  • Click on the guest you wish to invite (on the left side of the guest list)
  • On the right side of the guest list, click the tab "Events & RSVP"
  • Check the box next to the event you would like to invite them to. 


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