Sub-Event Privacy: Public and Private sub-events


With Appy you can customize the privacy of your event itinerary unlike anywhere else. You have control over every single sub-event, determining which are visible to everyone, and which ones can only be seen by select people.

Public Sub-Event: This means everyone's invited and can see the event

  • When you create a new sub-event, the default setting is Public


NOTE: If you have set any site-wide privacy option (Access Code and/or Guest List Match) these will determine if people can enter your site in general (not just view sub-events) and/or if people can RSVP to sub-events.

To learn about general privacy options, view here.

Private Sub-Event: This means only selected guests (that were added to your list) can see the sub-event. You can make a sub-event private one of two ways:

1. From Edit mode

  • In the Events section hover over a sub-event and select the pencil icon
  • Switch the green toggle next to "EVENT IS PUBLIC". It will now read "EVENT IS PRIVATE" and the toggle will turn grey
  • Click Save

2. From Dashboard

  • Expand the Settings menu
  • Select "Sub-Events"
  • Switch the grey toggle next to "Private Event (Guest List Match ON)" to the right. The toggle will turn green


How to invite guests and their plus ones to Private Sub-Events:

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Select "Guest List" under the "Manager" section
  • On the right side of a guest's name, click the number under "Events" Switch toggles next to Private events green to invite
  • If you want to invite the plus one of the guest as well, make sure to click the toggle under "Assign access to events for this group's +1"
  • Click Save 



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