Adding and Sharing Photos on Appy Couple


Photos can be added to the your gallery in 3 different ways:

  • You can upload photos to the Gallery on your Appy Couple Editor
  • Both you and guests can take pictures by tapping the camera icon on the main menu or gallery section on the app 
  • Both you and guests can add photos to the gallery on your wedding website

You can upload images in JPG and PNG format, under 20MB. Please remember: don't upload images that are protected by copyright. 

Filters and Editing: Filter options, stickers, graphics and editing is available on the app for all pictures. Guests can only edit pictures they upload. 

The Appy Couple Editor includes a complete Photo Editor to add effects and filters.

Captioning Photos:

You can add captions to photos from the wedding website or from your Appy Couple Editor. Photo captions are limited to 20 characters. Have more to write about the photo? Add it to your stories section! 

Deleting Photos:

You have total control over what photos remain in your gallery. If you or a guest uploads a photo you want to remove, you can delete a photo from your Appy Couple Editor by clicking on the gray X in the right corner of the photo. You can also delete gallery photos from the app and website by selecting the photo and then clicking the trash icon.

Downloading Photos:

After the wedding, photos can be downloaded as a .zip file by clicking the download icon directly below the upload icon.


During the wedding, you can use the airplay option to display your photos through an Apple TV or onto a projector! Through the app, go to gallery, tap on a photo, and then tap the airplay button in the top right corner. We recommend testing the functionality at your venue prior to use at an event. You will need to be connected to Wifi in order for the Airplay functionality to work.


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