How do I share Appy with my guests?


You can share your app and website in many different ways. We recommend using one or more of the following options to get the word out:

Email: You can send invites, save the dates, reminders, or personalized cards to your guests, all coordinated with your Appy Couple design. 

Here's how:

  • Log in to the Appy Couple Editor
  • Click “Email & Share” on the top navigation menu
  • Select a template 
  • To add a custom note to guests, type a message in the text box 
  • Click the “Select Recipients” button

Tip: You can send the invite out to a smaller group of guests first (such as family and the wedding party), and then send the invite to your entire guest list once you're ready to share.

Social: Share your wedding website link on Facebook and Twitter.

Here's how:

Printed Table Cards: The “Email & Share” tab includes a “Table Cards” tab, which allows you to print app login info for your guests on cards that coordinate with your design. 

Here's how:

Paper Invitations: If you would like to include your wedding app and website info on your print invitations, make sure to include your wedding code and website URL. We also recommend telling guests to use their own email address to log in. 

Example Invite Text:

Join us at or download Appy Couple from the App Store or Google Play and enter our Wedding Code #####

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