When is an Access/Event Code required?



Your Access Code is required for guests to access your app. Guests need to only enter it ONCE and the information is saved for all their recurring sessions.


Your guests will need your Access Code to access your site if you have enabled the Access Code privacy setting. This is to ensure that only the people with whom you've shared your code can view the information on your website. 



Perfect for when you:

  • Don’t have all your guest names or emails in your Guest List
  • Want to control who can enter your site

Guests on your list:

  • Require your Access Code to enter and perform any action on your site

Guests not on your list:

  • Enable an email or push notification to you requesting access when they try to enter your site
  • Require approval from you via your app or Dashboard

If you wish to change your privacy settings at any time, you can do so by accessing your Dashboard:

  • Go to your Dashboard 
  • Click the Settings at the bottom of your Dashboard menu
  • Select 'Access and Permissions'
  • Set the 'Access Code' toggle to green to enable or grey to disable



Which privacy setting is right for you? More details here




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