Setting up your Stories Section


Your Stories section is great for sharing memories and photos of your journey as a couple with your guests. Have fun with it or be as serious as you'd like! 

To set up your stories:

  • Log into your Appy Couple Dashboard and click "Edit Sections"
  • Ensure the toggle is turned green to "Show" this section in your web and app navigation
  • Click the "Edit" button next to "Stories" or click "Edit Website" at the top left of your screen


  • From here, click on the camera icon or "Add Story" button
  • Select and crop a photo from various sources (your computer or social media accounts)
  • Save the picture and add your headline and a brief description
  • You can also add a link to a video if you select the video camera icon in the text area
  • You can format the text per standard formatting options shown


 How to edit Stories:

  • Rolling over a story will display options to edit, add another or delete
  • To change the order of stories, click the pencil icon to edit and then select the appropriate position
    • Once you have multiple stories, the position will appear below the image in the "Add Story" widget


Tips for creating your Stories Section on Appy: 

  • If you have many photos to add that don't have associated stories, you can add them to the gallery
  • You can add an UNLIMITED number of stories
  • Try telling your stories in chapters so your guests are eager to read on!
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