Setting up your Stories Section


Your Stories section is great for sharing photos and memories with your guests. Have fun with it or be as serious as you'd like! For tips on what to include in your stories section, visit our blog post here

To set up your stories:

  • Log into your Appy Couple Editor and click the Stories tab on the top navigation
  • To add a new story click on the red heart and gray plus sign 
  • To add a photo to a story click on the gray camera icon in the middle 
  • To add a caption, type in the textbox labeled “story caption” Note: Captions are limited to 20 characters 
  • To add text to your story, click on the red circle with the arrow in the corner of the story box 
  • To delete a story, click on the red arrow on the bottom right corner. Then, click the trash can that appears on the left side. 

  • You can also change the name of the stories section that displays on your site and app's menu navigation. To change the section header name, click RENAME- located next to the section SHOW toggle: 

Check this:

  1. PHOTOS: Make sure stories have photos. If you do not have a photo associated with a story, the story will not display on the wedding website or app. This make a better visual presentation for your guests.
  2. SECTION ENABLED: Please make sure you have set the toggle to 'green' to display the stories on the app and wedding website. If you do not want your story section to show, click the toggle so that it is red.

You can enhance and add effects to photos you upload to the story section:

  • Rollover the picture you want to edit  to get the "click to edit" option
  • Click the red "EDIT'" button
  • Edit your picture with the dozens of effects and style options
  • When you are finished editing, click 'APPLY' and then 'SAVE'
  • Click the 'X' in the top right corner
  • Click 'SAVE' in the new window

 Tips for creating your Stories Section on Appy: 

  • If you have many photos to add that don't have associated stories, you can add them to the gallery
  • To share your stories with your guests during an event, turn your app into airplay mode. This will allow you to project your stories so your guests can see them on the big screen!
  • You can add an UNLIMITED number of stories
  • Try telling your stories in chapters so your guests are eager to read on!
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