Chat: Sending & Receiving


You can send Messages to your guests and allow guests  to contact or assigned Guests (DJ, Planner, Maid of Honor) via the Appy Guest Connect. Customize it to your needs. You have full control.

Where is Messages or Guest Connect available?

You can initiate messages from the app, wedding website, or your editor. When a new message has been posted, Appy Couple will reach out to you or your guest via push message or email. Then you will be directed to view the message on the website or app.  Read below to get details and more information on the full capabilities of the messaging section. 


 What types of messages can I send?


Group Message: Send messages to multiple guests – replies go to all group members.

Perfect For: Coordinating group travel Info or discussing dress choices with bridesmaids



Private Message: Send a message to an individual guest – replies go to just you.

Perfect For: Sharing important information with an event coordinator or member of the wedding party or just say Thank You!



Broadcast: Send a message to all or several guests – replies go to just you. 

Perfect For: Reminding guests to RSVP, sending travel notices, or sending last minute event and travel changes.



To enable Guest Messaging for select or all guests: 

  • Go to your Guest List
  • Select the guests you want to add the permission for
  • To select a guests(s), check the white box near the name(s)
  • On the Right-hand side of your Guest book
  • Go to 'Connect with Other Guests' and check the box or uncheck it

When this box is checked, the guest is able to send messages to anyone on the guest list. They will also see the key people groups and tags. This is ideal for when you want the selected guest to be able to message your guest list.  

To send or receive messages via the:


  • Click the "messages" tab in the top right corner 
  • Select the message type (group message, private message, broadcast)
  • To select guests, type a guest name or click the arrow to select guests based upon which event they are invited to, RSVP status or tag


  • Sign into your app
  • Tap the "chat" icon on the lower right corner
  • To start a new message, choose either a ‘private message, group chat, or broadcast
  • To select guests, tap the + icon. You can select individual guests, all guests, guests invited to a specific event, by RSVP response, tags, and your key people

Wedding Website

  • Go to your wedding website and sign in using your email and wedding code
  • After signing in there will be a "messages" tab on the bottom navigation bar
  • Click on that tab to display message pane 
  • Click the pencil and paper icon to create a new message. 
  • Select your message type
  • To select guests, type a guest name or click the arrow to select guests based on other categories. 


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