Champagne Toasts

Toasts are for guests to write a quick congratulatory message for the couple. Any guest can write a toast and they are visible for all guests. 

To enable the toasts section:
  • Log into your account at and go to the Entertain section
  • Click the toggle so it is green to enable champagne toasts on the app
  • You can also change the name of the toasts section that displays on your site and app's menu navigation. To change the section header name, click Settings (gear icon) > Sections
To Delete Toasts messages:
  • Log into your app with your email and wedding code
  • Go to the toasts section
  • Click on the X that appears at the edge of the message. 
  • Currently toasts is an app only feature
  • Only admins or the person who wrote the toast can delete the message
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