What do the different guest list icons mean?


This should help you get oriented with our Guest List.


Plus Sign at the top left corner:

  • Manually add guests by clicking the plus sign and adding info into the pop-up window

Empty Box:

  • If checked, you may click the trash can icon that will appear on the left side of the guest to delete guest(s).

Person Icon Next to Names:

  • Clicking here will open up the Guest's contact information as it was manually added or imported. You can make adjustments at any time.



  • People with the same band of color next to their name are in the same Group


  • Click on this icon to
    1. Add guest into a Group,
    2. See which Group you have already added them into, or
    3. Ungroup the guests.
  • When guests have been grouped, a band while appear along side their names and the icon will appear near only one person's name in that Group. 


Plus 1:

  • Add or subtract a plus one for each guest


  • The fraction in the Events column shows to how many available events each guest has been invited. Clicking on the numbers opens Event Access details for the guest. In this example, the guest has been invited to all the public events, but not to the private Rehearsal Dinner.



  • Clicking on this icon opens a new window with RSVP details for that guest or guest group. You will see their current response for each event to which they were invited, plus any additional RSVP detail you have requested (clicking on the comment bubble).


The highlighted option is what the guest selected.




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