What do the different guest list icons mean?


Green Star Icon Next to Names:

  • This icon represents guests that have been added to your guest list in the last 24 hours


Gray person with the red + sign (upper right corner of the left side of the book)

  • Click on this icon to add a new guest


White box at the end of a guest’s name

  • This allows you to select a guest and edit their details. Details includes grouping or ungrouping, updating their personal information, or deleting


Gray trash can icon at the bottom corner of the left side of the book

  • This icon allows you to delete a guest


White arrows on bottom of the right side of the book

  • These arrows allow you to go to the next guest listed on your guest list


Alphabet on the left side of the book

  • This allows you to skip to names on your guest list beginning with that letter
  • Tip: If your guest list is sorted by first name, if you click ‘A,’ all of your guests first names that start with A will be displayed


Contact Details:


Contact Tab:

  • Mail icon: Email address of guest
  • Cell phone icon: Preferred phone number of your guest
  • Mailbox icon: Preferred address of your guest
  • Tag icon: Tags that have been given to your guest


Events & RSVP Tab:

  • Circle with minus sign: make number of +1’s fewer
  • Circle with + sign: Make number of +1’s greater
  • White boxes in two columns: Check these boxes to invite your guest to specific events.
  • Gray boxes: Your guest has already been invited to this event because the event is public
  • Gray X in the top right corner: This enables you to return back to the main menu portion of the guest list


Chat & Connect Tab:

  • List as a Guest Contact: Your guest can be a contact for other guests invited to your wedding. Check the white box to enable
  • Connect with other guests: This allows specific guests to have the capability to interact with other guests through messaging
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