Setting up your Countdown Section

The countdown will count the days, hours and minutes until the main event date you entered when you first registered for Appy. This is the default setting. If you wish to change the event for the countdown, you can do so by selecting another event from the drop-down menu in this section. .  

To enable the countdown:
  • Log into your Appy Couple Editor and visit the Countdown section.
  • Select an event to countdown to. Must be a future date.
  • You can also change the name of the countdown section that displays on your site and app's menu navigation. To change the section header name (or disable the section), click "Edit Content" on your Dashboard.                                            

To change your main date and/or Timezone: 
  • Log into your Appy Couple Dashboard and click on the Settings pane
  • Click Event Settings
  • Select your main date 
  • Note: The main date will show in the header of your wedding website
  • Change the Time Zone to your preferance



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