Guest Book


The Guest Book allows approved guests to leave short congratulatory messages for the couple on the app or your wedding website. Guests can also include photos with their written message. 

To leave a message on the Guest Book:

  • Log in to the Appy Couple app or wedding website with the wedding code and your email address

  • Tap “Guest Book” on the app home screen

  • Tap the “pencil and paper” icon on the bottom of the screen

  • Tap where it reads “Write your message here” to type a message.

  • To attach a photo (new or existing), tap the “Attach Photo” button

  • Tap “Post” to submit your message.

To remove a Guest Book post: 

  • Open up the Guest Book feature on your app or on the wedding website
  • Go to the post you wish to delete
  • On the right side of the post, you will see an X. Tap the X.
  • From there, click 'yes' to delete the message

Rename or disable the Guest Book:
You can disable the Guestbook or rename it in the Settings panel of your Editor (Sections tab).


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