Best way to collect song requests


There are a 2 ways to collect song requests


  1. Use the messages section on the Dashboard to send the question as a message to all or select guests. Their replies can be viewed on the Messages section of the Dashboard, app or wedding website.
  2. Your guests can leave a message in the guestbook (app only feature). 
  3. Your guests can post a comment in the "toasts" section (app only feature) 

Tip: To receive song requests the day of your wedding, assign one of your guests the role of "DJ!" Your guests can then send messages to the DJ via the app or wedding website! This is a great way to engage the crowd at the reception in real time! 



Another way to collect song requests from guests is to add a Let Us Know Widget. This widget is an open ended question where guests can fill in any answer they like.

To add a Let Us Know widget:

  • Log into your account through your editor, go to Events
  • Click on the tab labeled “RSVP Details”
  • Click on the “Let Us Know” widget 
  • Click on the configure icon (Gear icon on the top of the right of widget)
  • Type in your question in the text box labeled “question”, click save

Now, your guests can answer this question when they RSVP! 

To view responses from the “Let Us Know” widget:

  • Go to the RSVP section of your Appy Couple account
  • Select the event where the Let Us Know widget is listed under
  • Click the magnifying glass icon next to the person's name. This will show you a specific guest's answer
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