Setting up your Welcome Section


Setting up your Welcome Photo and message:

  • Log into your Appy Couple Editor and go to the Welcome section
  • Click the camera to add a photo
  • Edit the photo by zooming in and out using the control below
  • Add your message
  • To enable the section to show on your app and website click the toggle at the top of the page so it is green
  • You can also change the name of the welcome section that displays on your site and app's menu navigation. To change the section header name, click RENAME- located next to the section SHOW toggle: 



Why is my welcome message not showing?

  1. Make sure the section is turned on on your Appy Couple Editor
  2. Check that you have a photo uploaded (Required)

Finding and accessing your welcome:

On your App: The welcome message shows up every time you log into your app. If you're already logged in and want to preview your welcome, Log out of your app and log in again.

On your Website: The Welcome message is the landing page for your website. You can get back to the welcome page at anytime by clicking on the Wedding name in the header. 



To turn this section off, edit the order it appears in or the name of the section in the nav: Access your master settings (gear Icon) on the top right of your Editor or click here.


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