Setting up Your Travel Section

To set up your travel section:
  • Log into your Appy Couple Editor and visit your Travel section
  • Click the toggle so that it is GREEN
  • You can add widgets by clicking on the widget or by dragging and dropping the widget where you would like it 
  • Make sure guests have all of the information that they need! You can include as many widgets as you like
  • To move a widget around on your page, click on the widget and drag it either up or down
  • You can also change the name of the travel section that displays on your site and app's menu navigation. To change the section header name, click RENAME- located next to the section SHOW toggle: 

You can add multiple widgets of the same type

  • If you would like to add multiple widgets of the same type (i.e. accommodations or restaurants), click or drag and drop the widget you'd like to add
  • Configure the widget with a single accommodation or restaurant
  • Add the widget again, below the previous similar widget
  • On your account on, the widget header will repeat. However, when you look at the website or app, all of the similar widgets will appear under one header



You can disable and rename your Travel section. To turn this section off, edit the order it appears in or the name of the section in the nav: Access your master settings (gear Icon) on the top right of your Editor or click here.

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