How do I check the guest view of my website and app?


The best way to view your wedding form a guest's perspective is to create a test guest. 


To view your app and website as a guest:

  • Log into your Appy Couple Editor
  • In your Guest List, create a new guest. We recommend calling the new guest "Test Guest" so you know to delete them in the future
  • Give the test guest an email address on your guest list. We recommend using a disposable email service like or to create a temporary email for your guest. Make sure you don't use one of the emails you used to sign up with Appy Couple.
  • To log into your app as the guest, use the test guest email you created and your wedding code
  • To log into the website, make sure you log in on an incognito window (if you are on Chrome), or a private browsing window on Safari or Firefox.
  • Viewing your Appy Couple account as a guest allows you to view your wedding website and app as one of your guests and allows you to see how photos, RSVP, events, and other features look through a guest perspective.
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