Event Widgets


NEW: Widget titles can now be personalized to anything you'd like. Completely customize your Editor to make your site and app perfect for you.

Choose from many different types of widgets to add into your events section. Widgets are perfect for telling guests specific information about your wedding. 

Choose to add any or all of the following widgets available in the events section. 

  • Single Image: Highlight a specific element of your event
  • Photo Grid: Show off your location or venue
  • RSVP Note: Anything else guests should know about RSVPing? Include it here
  • Hotel Room Bookings: Guests can search leading nearby hotels and get an exclusive Appy discount
  • Color Palette: You spent time choosing the perfect wedding colors- so show them off!
  • Event Theme: Share your wedding theme with everyone
  • Accommodations: Share details about hotel options
  • Directions & Maps: Don't get lost! Share specific directions or add a Google Maps link to create a tappable/clickable thumbnail that will open the map in a new browser window
  • Dress Code: Let guests know the appropriate attire
  • Parking: Share parking details for each event
  • Transportation: Let guests know the best way to get around town
  • Pinterest: Showcase your pinning power!
  • Video: Share a link to your favorite song or a home video- the possibilities are endless! You can also copy and paste a video link in any widget containing a blank text box.
  • Uber: Link directly to Uber so new users can sign up and get $15 off
  • Child Care: Don't forget the little ones! Share information about childcare options
  • Wine Selection: Red or white...what's on your list?
  • Bar: Got a signature cocktail? Share the details here
  • Menu: Whet everyone's appetite with a dining preview
  • Notes: It's a blank canvas! Write any additional notes here
  • Travel Notes: By land, by air, by sea? Write anything that guests need to know about travel
  • Schedule and/or Itinerary: Outline major activities throughout the wedding weekend
  • FAQs: Getting a lot of the same questions? Beat them to the punch!
  • Custom: Make it completely your own!

To change the title of a widget:

  • In Edit mode, click the pink pencil icon at the top of the widget
  • Add a title to your widget. This will reflect on your Editor, wedding website, and app.
  • Click Save



When you use widgets and stack them together and create a heading for each of them, use only ONE heading- the first one is retained- so the widget title doesn't duplicate multiple times.

So, if you need pictures to show within a section, add the pictures (photo grid widget) below the 'section' header widget and copy paste the name from the section header widget' to the widget header for the photo grid. Then it will keep just one name and not create a section. 

More instructions on how to adjust widget titles can be found in the PDF attached to this article. 

Why won't my widgets save?

  • Depending on which browser you are using, this can affect how widgets save on your Editor. If you are using Internet Explorer 9, we recommend switching browsers to Chrome or Firefox. 


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