How to enable/disable an RSVP deadline date


The RSVP Deadline email is automated based upon the time and date set on your Editor. This reminder email only goes to guests that have not RSVP'd, and is sent one week and one day before the deadline. 


To enable the RSVP deadline:

  • Log into your Appy Couple Editor
  • Go to Events tab
  • Click on the event you wish to add an RSVP deadline to
  • On the right side of the page, you will see “RSVP Deadline.” Click ‘edit’ to add in a date your guests will need to RSVP by 
  • If you do not wish to add an RSVP deadline to your event, uncheck the box at the top
  • If you wish to add in an RSVP date, click the first text box displayed. A calendar will show up, click the date you wish to select
  • In the next text box to the right, select the time you wish 
  • Press "Save" 



  • When an RSVP deadline date is saved, the system will automatically cue to send a reminder RSVP email to your guests. This email is sent to guests 1 week and 1 day before the RSVP deadline date if they have not responded to the event. This setting cannot be removed if you choose to use an RSVP deadline.  The email will display as such: 

To edit the RSVP Deadline Date: 

  • Log into your Appy Couple Editor
  • Go to your Events page
  • Click on the event with the RSVP reminder
  • Click on "edit" under RSVP deadline (right side of the page)
  • Choose a date 

To disable the RSVP Deadline:

  • From your events page, uncheck the box at the top of the popup: "Use an RSVP deadline with this event" 
  • Click Save 

To adjust the date of your RSVP Deadline: 

  • Under RSVP deadline, click EDIT
  • Click the space bar and the calendar will appear. You can adjust your date from there.
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