Giving guests access to Chat & Connect


When the chat and connect box is checked and a role is added (such as bridesmaid, DJ, wedding planner), this guest contact will be listed for all guests in the dropdown contact list. Guests can have the ability to chat and connect even if they do not have a role in the wedding. 

To give one guest the ability to chat and connect: 

  • Click the guest's name on the guest list
  • Click the red "Chat &Connect" tab on the right guest list pane
  • Mark the checkbox next to "Connect With Other Guests"

To give your entire guest list this capability: 

  • Click the guests name on the guest list
  • Click the red "Chat & Connect"

Perfect for: Assigning an RSVP contact to help guests with questions, sending song requests directly to the DJ or questions for a member of the wedding party. 


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