How are guests counted on Appy Couple?


How your guest list and RSVP numbers are populated:

  • When adding guests to your guest list, a number will be generated for each event that guests are invited to. Per event, you will view the number of invited guests, and the number of invited guests including the allotted plus ones.
  •  If you have allocated guests plus ones, they will not be counted as “invited” until that plus one’s contact information is entered on the guest list. You can enter their info on the guest list, or your guest can enter their information when the guest RSVPs for themselves and their plus one.  Appy will not count a plus one as part of the invited total until a name has been added for them on the guest list.
  • The guest list will only count an additional guest if they are listed with contact information on your guest list. While a plus one's full address is not required in order for them to be included in the guest count, the plus one's name is needed. If the main invitee listed no plus one guest information, then that plus one does not yet exist on your guest list, and therefore will not be included in the "invited" count. 
  • When the guest does input plus one information then they are added to the guest list and automatically grouped with that contact. (Now there is a physical count for this plus one in regards to the invited guest number)
  • If the number displayed under (invited) and (invited with plus one) does not match, the difference reflects the number of plus ones who does NOT any listed contact information.

  • If you have invited 50 guests to your ceremony and have allotted 10 of those guests plus ones, your guest list count will display the number 50 (currently invited guests) and 60 (expected number assuming all allotted plus one guests are responded for).
  • If only 5 of the original 10 plus one contacts are answered for, your invited guest number on your guest list will update to 55, while the invited guest number with plus ones will remain at 60. This will also mean that you have 5 unanswered plus ones still on your guest list you might expect to attend the event. You can confirm a guest who has not entered plus one information by the (+1) icon next to their name. Again, if the plus one is answered for they will appear grouped with the guest they are coming with on the guest list.

 To confirm your numbers between your guest list and your RSVP responses:

  •  Per event, you can view guest responses by YES , NO, or No Response. These three columns added together will equal the invited number of guests of that event displayed next to your guest list. 
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