Travel Widgets


Choose from many different types of widgets to add into your travel section. Widgets are perfect for telling guests specific information about your wedding.

In addition to the default widget titles offered, you can now change the widget titles on your Editor to any text you'd like.

Choose to add any or all of the following widgets available in the travel section. 

  • Panorama Image: Show off your destination with a beautiful panoramic photo (recommended photo dimensions are 105 by 565, width by height)
  • Location Images: Share 3 images of your location with guests
  • iTunes Playlist: Share a special song or give guests a sneak peek to the wedding playlist
  • Flights: Share anything that guests need to know about flights, including details on airports, discounts, or preferred airlines
  • Accommodations: Share details about hotel options
  • Group Travel Info: Expecting a lot of out-of-town guests? Share all group travel details in one place.
  • Parking Info: Share parking details for each event
  • Transportation: Made a deal with a car rental company? Have information on public transit in the city? Share it here!
  • Things to Do: Provide your guests with a list of local must-dos, and add photos or links for more details
  • Get great deals on car rentals!
  • Child Care: Don't forget the little ones! Share information about childcare options
  • Dining: Wine and dine your guests! Give them access to your top lists for food & drink. 
  • Local Services: Make your guests feel like locals; share the information of local tailors, dry cleaners, shoe repairs, or salons.
  • Quick Poll: Have a question? Survey your guests!
  • Emergency Info: Make sure guests know who to call in an emergency. Share local police, fire, and medical contacts.
  • Weather: Let your guests know what the weather will be, so they come prepared
  • Notes: It's a blank canvas! Write any additional notes here

To change the title of the widgets: 

  • Click configure at the top of the widget (middle icon)
  • Type in what you would like to call the widget in the first text box
  • Click Save



When you use widgets and stack them together and create a heading for each of them, use only ONE heading- the first one is retained- so the widget title doesn't duplicate multiple times.

So, if you need pictures to show within a section, add the pictures (photo grid widget) below the 'section' header widget and copy paste the name from the section header widget' to the widget header for the photo grid. Then it will keep just one name and not create a section. 

More instructions on how to adjust widget titles can be found in the PDF attached to this article. 


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