Setup RSVP Widgets and get guest responses




You can add special question widgets in your RSVP section.

To add a widget to an event with RSVP enabled: 

  • Log into your Appy Couple Editor and visit the Events section 
  • Select the event you'd like to add this option to 
  • Click the RSVP Details tab. 
  • Add the widgets you would like
  • Then click the "configure" icon to customize 
  • Your guests will see these options when they RSVP on the app and/or wedding website

Your guests will see the question widgets you have added to your event when they RSVP. They can answer these questions through the app and through the wedding website. 


The four widgets in the RSVP section include: 

1. Question

Perfect For: Asking your guests a question with a fixed answer. A great question to ask guests with this widget is "What kind of transportation will you use to get to our wedding?" Then, guests can choose between plane, car, or any other choice you may have.


2. Let Us Know

Perfect For: Asking guests an open ended question. A great question to ask guests here would be "What song would you like to hear on the dance floor?" Guests can then write any song they like.


3. Menu Options 

Perfect For: Asking guests what they want to eat at your wedding. You can give your guests up to four options to choose from, and add multiple Menu Options widgets to your events.


4. Child Care 

Perfect For: Asking guests if they need child care for their children during an event. The two answers on this widget are automatically "Yes" or "No."



 To view RSVP choices by guest:

  • Go to the RSVP section of your Appy Couple account
  • Select the event where the poll is listed under
  • Click the magnifying glass icon next to the person's name. This will show you a specific guest's poll responses 
  • You can adjust your guest's open ended question response, and their meal choice or question answer as well!

To view all of your RSVP poll responses at once: 

  • Go to the RSVP tab
  • Click on the event you wish to view responses for 
  • Click "Download this view as a spreadsheet" 
  • If you view your guest's RSVP responses in a spreadsheet, you will see their answers to all of the RSVP questions you have asked in one place.

To get the spreadsheet download:

  • Go to the RSVP Tab 
  • Click on the event you need the list for (Left column) 
  • You'll see a table with the guests 
  • Below the table is a link: (red link) Download this view as a spreadsheet
  • This will download with all your responses for each guest by the selected event


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