Does Appy offer Custom URL names for the wedding website?


You can customize your URL name for your Appy Website to anything you want. This means you can specify and select your own URL name for your Event website (

We offer a variety of TLD (Top Level Domain) options to choose from
(e.g. .com, .net, etc.). This is an add-on purchase you can submit a request for from the Settings pane on your Dashboard.

Note that domain names cannot include special characters or emojis.

Once you submit the form request, we will get back to with what is available and for you to confirm your purchase. Most domains are $19.99 per year and can be renewed upon request. We suggest making a note on your calendar reminding you to notify us in case you want to renew it.

Only domains purchased via self-checkout on the Appy 2.0 version (before June 2017) will renew automatically unless requested otherwise


Should you decide not to customize your URL, you always have your free Appy sub-domain, and both URLs will always direct to your wedding website.


Credits: Hannah & Mason's beautiful engagement photo by Paper Antler

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