Gallery Display Style


Display Options:

You have 3 options to choose for the display of your images on your wedding website: Square Grid, Portfolio and Diamonds. 

Image order and crop:

The order of how your images appear can be set by dragging and re-arranging the images on your Editor to your preference. Appy has automatic facial recognition built-in, so the minute you upload a photo we do our best to center it in the best possible manner, so you always have a great looking gallery. If you need the edit the crop of any image, you can dot hat with our extensive image Editor on the Gallery.

Note: The selection of the display is made on your Editor and is shown on your wedding website. The Editor view will not change. The app always displays images in the Portfolio style (iOS and Android devices).

How to change your Gallery Display:

  • Login to your Appy Couple Editor
  • Go to your Gallery section
  • Select a display option from the icons on the top right

To change the name of your Gallery and/or disable the section click the RENAME button on the top right and use the toggle to disable the gallery from showing on your app and website.


The changes will take effect immediately on your wedding website, feel free to switch back and forth as often as you like.


Display options for images on your wedding website gallery:

SQURE GRID (default)

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