Setting up your Gallery Section


Your gallery is where you can showcase photos for which you didn't want to create Stories, or highlight recent pics taken on the fly. This is also a great place to collect images from guests leading up to, during, and even after the big day.

To set up your Gallery:

  • Log into your Appy Couple Dashboard and click "Edit Sections"
  • Ensure the toggle is turned green to "Show" this section in your web and app navigation
  • Click the "Edit" button next to "Gallery" or click "Edit Website" at the top left of your screen




  • Click on the camera icon to add photos
  • Select and crop a photo from various sources (your computer or social media accounts)
  • You can add pictures one at a time or a bunch at a time
  • Hit save and return to your Gallery




Rolling over an image will display options to edit (add or change the caption), add or delete


Image order:

The order of how your images appear can be set by dragging and re-arranging the images on your Editor to your preference. If you need to edit the crop of any image, you should delete it and re-upload it.

Captioning Photos:

You can add captions to photos from the wedding website or from your Appy Couple Editor

Deleting Photos:

You have total control over what photos remain in your gallery. If you or a guest uploads a photo you want to remove, you can delete a photo from your Appy Couple Editor, app or live website by clicking on the trash can icon.

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