How do guests update their address and contact information?
When you send an Address Collection notification guests are sent an email with a one-time session link to log them into your website and enter / edit their contact information.

Is the link for address collection available without sending a email?
The link is always available on your wedding website and app. This is not a navigation item, but available at weddingwebsiteURL.com/wedding. Guests will need to register/login with their Name, Email and Wedding Code to access this page to ensure unsolicited visitors cannot edit this information.

Will guests be able to see my site and app? How do I keep it 'under wraps' until I'm ready?
Yes, they will. The address collection form is located on your app and wedding website. When you send this request out it contains your wedding website and app information. Guests will be able to see your content if the sections are ENABLED.

If you would like to keep this ‘under wraps’ till you’re ready to share, we suggest just turning on the sections you are comfortable sharing at this time. You can always enable and disable sections instantaneously via your Editor.

Where do guest addresses get collected?
Guest addresses are added to your Guest List on the Editor under each guest profile and included in the Excel spreadsheet when exporting your Guest list.

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