Guest List FAQs


Couples and Plus Ones

Q: What's the best way to add couples to my guest list? What if I don;t know the name of the date my girlfriend is bringing?

A: We recommend adding couples individually on your guest list, and then grouping them together:

When you have couples whose names you know, add them as 2 separate guest list entries. For example:
- One guest list entry: John Smith
- Second guest list entry: Jane Smith

Next, select and group them. To group guests:
- Select two or more people from your guest list
- Click “Create Group” (this will be on the right side of the guest list).

After you group your guests, there will be a default head of the group, but you can easily change this by selecting another member in the group and designating them as the head.
Now, any person in that group will be able to RSVP for both group members. Here's some more info

When either member of the couple goes to your site to RSVP (if enabled), they will be greeted as a couple, and either person will be able to RSVP for both of them.

If you allocate a plus one to the head of the group, the group members will be able to RSVP for both them selves AND an additional guest.

Here are some other tips for you:


What happens when I add a guest to the guest list

Q: Does the site send e-mails to guests as they’re added to the guest list? If so, what options do you have for managing this? Do you have the ability to send notifications to the entire group and notifications to specific individuals?

A: No action is taken from our end when any guest is added to the Guest List. When you 'Invite' a guest to the event, it means that guest will have access to view that event when they visit your site or app.

To send an email to your Guests on your Guest list you can use the Email & Share section on Appy to send Personalized Notes, Reminders, Save The dates, Introduction Emails and more. Most of the emails include a one-time session link and easily allow guests one click access to the content or action they need.

You can find these templates here:


Tagging Guests

Q: How can I pre-identify guests on my spreadsheet prior to uploading my spreadsheet, for example who is invited to which event, the DJ, my Planner, Out of Towners etc.?

A: Our tagging system makes it easy to organize your Guest List and make life easier down the road when you invite certain people to certain events, when you want to arrange table seatings, etc.​

You can tag guests on the spreadsheet prior to uploading or add tags at anytime. There is no limit to how many tags can be added to a guest. 

Tags are made available in the Guest List Search fields, Email and Share section and your Chat and messaging Center. Here's what tags look like on your Guest List.


Notifying guests

Q: How can I notify guests of a change on the events or any important information regarding RSVPs:

A: If you need to notify a guest of a 'event' change (as no automatic email is sent when a guests is added to see an event on the gust list), you can do this via the EMAIL & SHARE tab or send a MESSAGE to the invited guests. Guests will get an email or push notification informing them of the update.



Emailing guests

Q: When do guest get an email?

A: Guests will only receive emails from Appy Couple if:

  • You choose to send them one from the Email and Share section.
  • Guests are part of a message from the messages tab and they do not have push notifications enabled. Guests will receive an email letting them know they have an unread message from Appy Couple. Here's some more info for you on messaging.
  • You set up an RSVP deadline date, and guests have not RSVP'd by that date. Here's some more info for you.
  • They sign in to your site or app with a new email that is not on your guest list. They receive the app and website template with the details to keep for future use.
  • They are Pending Access to your site and access is granted by you. An app and website invitation is sent.


Names and Emails

Q: I don't have the emails of all my guests? Just the names, but I still want to control who gets access to my site and see's which event.

A: You can totally do that. In this case we would use Name Matching. Guest emails DO NOT have to be on your Guest List for guests to get access.

When a guest goes to your site once they enter the email and the Wedding Code 9depending on your privacy settings), the next screen asks for their name. If an email match is not made, it defaults to Name Match against your guest list. When an email is collected, it's just added alongside the name to your guest list.

Why we ask for emails: A guest email is required when guests sign in to your app and site, so you know who is posting any content to your site, like pictures, messages or RSVPing. Guest can sign in or Register using their email depending on whether they are on your Guest list or not. Emails are unique to individuals and create a trail for you to respond if needed or use the Email & Share section.

Q: If some of our guests don’t have e-mail address (i.e. grandparents or older relatives), but we still want to use your site to keep and track an up to date guest list, should we include those individuals’ names on the guest list spreadsheet we upload minus an e-mail address?

Yes, you can add their names and manually RSVP for them directly. This makes it easy to keep all your RSVP information in one place.

To manually RSVP for a guest:


  • Click RSVPs from your Editor
  • Click on the event you wish to edit
  • Click on a guest
  • Click on the magnifying glass (right side of the guest name) to RSVP

You can also do this directly on your App (administrator mode):

  • Click the 'i' or gear icon on the bottom left of your home screen on the app
  • Click to RSVP Manager
  • Drill down to the guest by Event or Name
  • Choose a response


Spreadsheet won't upload

Q: My spreadsheet will not upload/is stuck or is skipping some guests... what do I do?

A: Excel + Website browsers can be tricky and a not so easy a match, we suggest the following troubleshooting steps and checks.

1: No formatting, macros and formulas anywhere (at the edge of a cell, there should be no green diagonal edge)
Note: Text stylesheets (bold, italics, underlines, indents, extra spaces before any entry. Replace # for apartment and house numbers to No. This means no #202, it should be No. 202)
2: No duplicate emails (only the first one gets written, the guest with second duplicate email will be skipped)
3: No prefixes, titles or honorifics for the names (Mr. Mrs. Dr. etc.)
4: Column headers that match our template identically
5: Please check for any accented characters such as ü or é – remove and replace with Latin characters like u and e.
6: Save your file as an .xlsx or .xls and try to upload - both formats work and often this resolves a upload issue (csv is not supported)

If you can confirm the above and your sheet still doesn't upload please do send it to us in both .xls and .xlsx format.


RSVP responses and guest list download

Q: Will we be able to print / download a reconciled version of the guest list from the site at any time? Will we have options to sort it by folks who have RSVP’d and those we still await a response? What other tracking options are available?

A: You can download a full view of your RSVP responses via your Editor.
To do that:

  • Click RSVPs from the navigation menu on your Appy Couple Editor
  • Click on an event name on the left side of the screen
  • Click either all, accepted, declined, or no response
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Download this view as a Spreadsheet.

This will give you an excel file of all guest responses for that event.

When a list of RSVPs is exported from your Editor, group members will be listed with their name, and then in parenthesis, the group head's name next to theirs. For example, an exported RSVP list will display as follows:

-John Smith
-Jane Smith (John Smith).

To export your Guest List:

This will give you an Excel sheet with all the information on your guest list (including tags, addresses etc.).


Guest Tracking

Q: Can I see which guest accessed my site and app or which emails they received when?

A: You can view your Guest Activity on your Appy Couple Editor to see if and when your guests have logged into your wedding. This gives you information for each individual guest

Here's how to see this information:

  • Click Guest List on your Appy Couple Editor
  • Click on the guest name that you would like to see (left side of the guest list)
  • Under Guest Activity you will see an icon with an app and/or a website if the guest has logged in (right side of guest list)
  • Hover over the icon to see when your guest logged in

You can also get an aggregate stat on how many App Logins you've had. To see this:

  • Go to your Appy Couple App--login with your Admin Email and Wedding Code
  • Click the 'i' or the 'Gear' icon on the bottom left of the navigation bar
  • This gives you access to an Admin Menu, where you get Stats and more





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