Why are my events not showing up for my guests?


The reason that your guests are seeing a blank events section is because your events are probably set to PRIVATE. In order for your guests to see a private event, they must be invited to the event on the guest list. Here’s what we recommend:

If all of your guests are invited to each of the events, we recommend setting your events to PUBLIC. You can do that by clicking Settings > Event Privacy & RSVP> All the toggles under PUBLIC should be GREEN. Then, click save.
Shortcut link here: https://www.appycouple.com/mywedding/events#settings=event

If only certain guests are invited to an event, you can leave the event privacy setting as private. However, you will need to invite these guests to the event on your guest list. More information for you here on inviting guests to private events: https://appy.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200178863-Event-Privacy-Public-and-Private-events

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