How is Appy Life Different from Appy Couple?


Appy Life is your private and social event app to share the celebratory moments of life. All your events in one place, for as long as you need them.


Admin email:

There’s no need to have a unique email for each event. You can use one email address to create your account and manage all your events.

You can invite multiple people to share your admin privileges for each event separately by adding them to that event’s Admin setting.

Setting up multiple events:

When you log in to your Appy Life account on the app, the first screen you’ll see is your account’s event dashboard. There, you’ll be able to press “Host New Event” to customize and add new events.

Event Dashboard: 

When you log in on the App you will get to your Events dashboard, there you will be able to see all of your events and then choose the one you want to edit/view.

When you log in on, you will land on the Events Dashboard to select the event you’d like to edit/view, you can then switch to another event by clicking your profile picture on the top right and then Switch Event.


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