Tips to avoid spam filters


Here are some tips to help avoid spam filters. An average recipient receives a lot of emails—solicited and unsolicited. Below are tips to avoid mail filters to improve inbox deliverability.

  • If recipients already received an email in their spam folder - ask them to mark it as “non-spam”
  • For Admins: make sure you have in your contacts list as you receive multiple emails from Appy and if left unopened it could be marked as unimportant and your tests may end up in spam
  • Send in smaller batches (less than 50 recipients)
  • If you want to send the same email again, try changing the subject line or some of the text
  • Don't use any special characters ($%# etc) in the subject line
  • Do not use emojis, anywhere
  • Include Personalized text (from the Compose tab) - Studio feature only
  • Don't use spam flag word like "click", "link", etc.
  • Try not to email the same recipients too often in a short amount of time
  • Avoid using all uppercase letters in the subject line or in the personalized text
  • Choose your send-time appropriately (Weekends and Mondays are best to be avoided as promotional emails are known to spike on those days)
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