Read-Only Mode


This information is relevant only for accounts activated prior to October 7th, 2021:

Your Appy event is active for at least 6 months past your main event date. Our Terms of Service require you to opt-in to keep your event available online and on the app in read-only mode.

An annual hosting fee is charged to maintain your hosting once you opt-in. You can choose to 'accept' or 'decline' on your Dashboard. 

Annual Hosting can only be 'opted into' by the account owner (primary admin). We will email the account owner on file with up to 2 notices prior to deletion.

If you 'opt-in' to keep your event available online this will put your account in a read-only mode, with the admin editor no longer fully accessible. The account and event website, including all uploaded content will still be viewable for you (and your guests).

You will have access to the following admin features:

  • Enable or Disable Access Code
  • Download Gallery Photos
  • Enable or Disable Website Search Settings
  • Download Guest List
  • Download RSVP List/s

If you choose not to pay the annual hosting fee and 'opt-in' your event will be removed.

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