Setting up RSVPs for Events


There are two ways to enable RSVPs:

1. From Edit mode

  • Hover over an event and select the pencil icon
  • Switch the toggle next to "RSVP OFF" to the right. It will now read "RSVP ON" and the toggle will turn green.


2. From Dashboard

  • Expand the Settings menu
  • Select "Events"
  • Switch the grey toggle next to "RSVP" to the right. The toggle will turn green.



You have control over which events are visible to everyone, and which ones can only be seen by select people. Once your events are set up, you can enable RSVPs where required. Just make sure you have invited guests to Private events.

Whether Public or Private, if a guest is able to RSVP, they will see the RSVP Section in the navigation of your app or Website. Each event also has an RSVP button associated with it. Guests can RSVP for themselves and their group here. See more on how guests RSVP here.



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