Setting up your Travel Section

To set up your travel section:
  • Log into your Appy Couple Dashboard and click "Edit Sections"
  • Ensure the toggle is turned green to "Show" this section in your web and app navigation
  • Click the "Edit" button next to "Travel" or click "Edit Website" at the top left of your screen


  • Click on the "Add Content" button. This will open up an editable widget.
  • A widget box will come up with a drop-down menu at the top for you to scroll through and select
    • You can add widgets like Flights, (for Appy discounts) and Things To Do for guests who have some time for tourism.
    • Here's a full list of widgets for you to review. 
  • Populate text fields as desired
  • You can format the text per standard formatting options shown


  • For photos within a widget or the specific photo widget (Single Image, Photo Grid), click on the gray camera icon 
  • Select and crop a photo from various sources (your computer or social media accounts)


  • Once done, hit save and review for preferred look
  • Proceed to adding more widgets as desired
  • You can re-order widgets 

To Move or Delete a Widget: 

  • Move: Click on the crosshairs above a widget and then drag it into the desired position within your list of widgets
  • Delete: Click on the trash can icon above or it click to edit and the click the trash can icon in the bottom left of that window 



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