Tips for Handling Event Postponements (or Cancelations)




Make sure to edit your new sub-events date in the Events section. If you aren't sure of the new date it's best to simply remove it. This is because guests that RSVPd YES receive an automatic reminder a day before the event.

Here's how to access your events:  How to edit events

Add a note in the Events section in regards to the RSVP timeline or deadline - guests are also worried, therefore it's best not to pressure them to RSVP as they will probably not have an answer for a while. Especially for the elderly and those guests required to travel to your event.


Add a note in your Travel/Hotels section about any known updates or things your guests need to look out for. Make sure you are aware of any travel restrictions to your destination (if any) which is a fluid situation and changing daily. At this time we suggest adding a note to your guests in the Travel and Hotels section as a New Widget:

Some text you could use is:

"Please note the below recommendations for travel and stay are purely a recommendation and not required. We suggest reaching out to hotels and planned to stay facilities to make sure you can postpone your reservation without incurring any change fees. A majority of hotels are and will continue to be accommodating with these requests."


If you have a Custom Domain purchased through the dashboard tool, you can manage it by going to the "My Domains" page from your Account page here. If you need to renew it please click the button next to Disable. 

For those purchasing a domain through support (with a PayPal invoice) please contact us via



It's important to keep guests informed and update them on the progress of your event, known restrictions, etc. Perhaps on a weekly basis.

Encourage your guests to also be in touch and share photos in the gallery or posts on your Guestbook. This will help everyone feel closer and more connected.

We recommend the following:


Use the simple Correspondence email system for simple text emails that are quick and easy. The Personalized Note template might work best. You can edit the content and the subject line.

Just remember to Save before sending and to split it into smaller batches, in case you have a large number of guests. For more instructions and tips on how to use this please click here.


Use your Guestbook as a way to share updates with your guests or encourage them to share their own updates. You can rename the section appropriately. Here's how

Encourage app downloads, so you can send updates via push notification. The push notifications will go to anyone that logged into the app and will appear in the Notification Center, like in any other app.

This is accessible on the admin home page by clicking Notify. You can edit the content and choose the recipients from your Guest List.


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