Setting up your Events Section


To create an event:

  • Log into your Appy Couple Editor and visit the Events section
  • To name and add an event, click the red plus sign and add in the name 
  • To re-name an existing event, click on the event, and then click the red arrow underneath the name 
  • To add in the date and time of the event, click edit under the Event tab. You can also add in the event address there

Use our pre-formatted widgets to guide you though all the necessary information your guests could need or should have. You can add widgets like Dress Code, Wine List and even share your theme colors and Pinterest boards.

  • To customize your event with widgets, click on the Customize tab 
  • From there, you can add widgets by clicking on the widget or by dragging and dropping the widget to wherever you like on the page
  • To configure a widget, click the Settings (gear) icon 
  • To re-arrange the widgets, click on the crossed arrow icon and drag the widget up or down 
  • To change the title of the widget, click in the widget title 

To Delete a Widget: 

  • Click the X in the upper right corner of the widget that you would like to delete

To Set an Event as your Main Event:

  • Log into your Appy Couple Editor and click on settings  (Gear icon at the top right)
  • Click on the third gray tab, “Event Privacy & RSVP”
  • Select your main event via the dropdown options 

Tip: Your main event shows on the countdown and in the header of your wedding website.  The Ceremony is set as your main event by default

Event Privacy: 

  • You an adjust the privacy setting on each event that you have.
  • An event can be public (visible to your entire guest list) or private (only guests invited can see the event)
  • For more on event privacy, visit the Event Privacy FAQ page



To turn this section off, edit the order it appears in or the name of the section in the nav: Access your master settings (gear Icon) on the top right of your Editor or click here.

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