Tips for building your guest list


Building your Guest List:

Building your guest list is one of the most important parts of your event! We also understand it can be the most difficult. Here are some example scenarios for you to think about as you build your guest list on Appy:

1. Do you have your guests' names/emails?

We suggest you build your guest list with all the names or emails that you know. This way, when a guest tries to access your site they can put in their name or email which will hopefully match what you have on your guest list. If you do not know all of your guest emails- that’s ok! Guests will always be prompted to enter their email first when they sign in on both the event website and through the app. If they enter an email that is not on the guest list (or if you do not have an email listed for them at all), they will be prompted to type in their name. From there, if guests type in their name as it appears on the guest list, they will have access to the event right away.  Those names/emails not on your guest list will automatically get populated to your guest list once a guest signs in.

2. Do you have multiple events? Do the events have different privacy settings?

If everyone is invited to every event, we suggest that you set all of your event settings to PUBLIC. This way, all of your guests can see all of the event information. If you have an event where specific guests are invited, we suggest setting that event to PRIVATE. For more event privacy information, click here. If you choose to enable RSVPs, you will need to invite individual guests to the private event. If you have RSVPs enabled, go to your guest list, and select guests you want invited to that event. Guests will then be able to RSVP for all events!

3. Do you know names of +1's?

+1's are great to use when you don't know the accompanying guest name! They are also great for when there are kids involved whose names you don't know. You can set up your +1's one of two ways listed below. For more details on either set-up, please click here.

EXAMPLE 1: All of your guests are invited with a +1 --> set up universal +1's. This means that everyone on your guest list is automatically granted a +1 (or +2, +3, etc.). 

EXAMPLE 2: You can also manually add the +1 for a specific guest or couple.

If you have guests grouped together, the group can be granted a plus one. When you set up +1's, any member of that group who logs into your event (for example, a couple with 2 kids), any group member can RSVP for that entire party. To find out more click here

4. Do you have couples invited?

When you have couples whose names you know, add them as 2 separate guest list entries. Next, select them, and group them. (For instructions on how to group guests, click hereWhen either member of the couple goes to your site to RSVP (if enabled), they will be greeted as a couple, and one person will be able to RSVP for both of them. If the couple has kids whose names you do not  know, please refer to question #3.

5. Privacy settings - what do you want people to see?

Your event privacy is the main setting of your account; this has nothing to do with event privacy. Depending on your privacy setting, guests will be able to see some, all, or none of your content without signing in.

When a guest signs in to your site, we always ask for guests names and emails. They don't have to match against your guest list, but the info is updated onto your guest list, so you have an accurate overview of who is accessing your event.

6. How do you set up RSVPs?

You can set up RSVPs for all of your events, or a few of your events. To find out how to do this, click here 


 To access your Guest List from web:

  • Log into your Appy account
  • From your Dashboard menu, under 'Manager,' select 'Guest List'
  • From here you can either manually add each guest by clicking the "+" icon at the top left of the list, OR
  • Upload a CSV file
    • Click the up arrow cloud icon at the upper right corner of the list
    • Download our template and fill out the fields. DO NOT CHANGE THE ORDER
    • Save the file as a .csv
    • Click the up arrow cloud again and select the file to upload


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